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Just hand him an Oscar, will you?

19 May

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Yes, movie lovers throughout the world had this unanimous exclamation when it came to their favorite star ‘Leo’. They hoped this time the Academy ‘dare’ not go wrong. When Leonardo DiCaprio emerged as a strong contender to this year’s Oscars in the Best Actor category for his performance in ‘The Revenant’, other nominees like Eddie Redmayne and Matt Damon went a step forward and put his name above theirs in front of the media. This was because they too knew playing a revenant was not an easy task.

‘The Revenant’ is a story of scars, the scars we all carry inside and out. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a frontiersman named Hugh Glass, who was on a fur-trading expedition with his hunting team in 18th century America. In a deadly hunting encounter with a bear, he is left with scars throughout his body. As supporting and carrying him grows impossible for his team members, he is abandoned and left behind in the snow to die.

But Hugh survives. He eats raw bison meat, gives himself a burn shock to prevent infection, gets inside a dead horse’s skin to keep himself warm, gets help when he is totally exhausted, but he survives. “As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe… keep breathing-“ he keeps his heart warm with his dead wife’s soothing words “When there is a storm, and you stand in front of a tree, if you look at it’s branches, you swear it will fail, but if you watch the trunk, you will see it’s stability.”

On his death-bed after the bear attack, Hugh has helplessly watched his son put to death by one of his teammates, John Fitzgerald. He survives for this lone reason to find John and to kill him. Hugh is a revenant himself. But when he finally gets hold of John after his incredible life battle, Hugh sees the glimpses of his own life in a brink. “Revenge is in God’s hands.. not mine-“ he realises.

DiCaprio carries Hugh with such a poise, you cannot stop commending him. It is not one of those movies you see Leonardo usually in. Unlike his role in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ where he plays a ruthless stock-broker or in ‘Django Unchained’ where he is an evil landlord who finds pleasure in watching two black men fight to death, DiCaprio brings his soul to the forefront in his latest ‘The Revenant’. This sixth Oscar nomination, is undoubtedly Leo’s best performance so far.


‘The Revenant’ has also brought home two other Oscars to Direction (Alejandro J. Inarritu) and to Cinematography. It is a second consecutive win for Inarritu after last year’s epic ‘Birdman’.

Brie Larson’s performance in ‘Room’ is worth an Oscar. She plays a young mother who is locked up in a shed for seven years by a sadist-rapist. Her journey of preparing her five-year old son to face the outer world is convincing, yet terrifying in this powerful film. Although Jacob Tremblay who plays her five year old son is a real star of this movie, Brie, with her large depressed eyes brings the tale of a troubled mother to life.

How can I end this article without mentioning ‘Spotlight’? In this ‘Best Picture of the Year,’ a group of journalists from ‘Boston globe’ uncovers a scandal of child molestation in several churches throughout Boston. A victory for true journalism, this real story is a tale worth telling.

Before I conclude, tell me how many actors we can find who mentions climate change in their victory speeches? Kudos to DiCaprio who ended his Oscar speech by saying “Let us do not take this planet for granted. I do not take this night for granted.”

Oh, yes Leo! You have earned it!


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