This is Rockstar, a film on passion

5 Jan

Ranbir_Kapoor-rockstarHe murmurs in a deep shivering voice confessing in front of his senior friend, “Please kuch karo, mera dil nahi thutna chahiye” (Please do something; my heart should not be broken). This utterance doesn’t come to his rescue but reluctantly succeeds in venturing a rockstar in him. Few years back, you would see the same vehement guy who went in search of pain to rediscover that ‘go’ from within. He denies it, anyway, thereafter.

This is ‘Rockstar’, a film on passion. It depicts the life of a pop-singer who aptly has a passion for music, for desire and for his lady love.

The film casts Janardhan, an enthusiastic guy from an ordinary family in Delhi whose life, a morsel of monotony, without ups and downs. The pain of a broken heart, according to him, would pave the way to success. In search of fault pain he finds a true companion in Heer, an ebullient girl of crazy desires which she wishes to quench before her to- be- held arranged marriage. Jordan, a nickname given by her becomes Janardhan’s identity, his signature in his music career.

Throughout this film, one can find various forms of pain. The malaise of girl friend’s marriage, the piercing pain inbuilt in Sufi songs, the pain to lose his lady love for the second time, physical pain of being beaten down… the pain which drives Jordan into the passion towards creative endeavor.  Jordan who cannot imitate others paves his own way. But later, this pain comes out as such a popular music; even his loud shriek will be followed by the applause of a crowd.

Beyond his eccentricities which make his fans crazy and a media crowd around him, Jordan lives in his own world, where he bothers about no worldly affairs.

Amid all his films, Rockstar serves as Ranbir Kapoor’s extraordinary masterpiece which proves him as an established actor. Jordan, who discovers the sound of guitar in his girl’s physique, whose fingers play the tunes of guitar in air when he hears a rockband, finds the right stage to emulsify his talent and his love for music even in the brothel.

Imtiaz Ali’s tact of storytelling has given the film an ardent touch of earnestness. The same story would be plain if the editing (Aarati Bajaj) didn’t supported the film so well.

A.R. Rahman’s music and background chore plays complementary to the screenplay; Mohit Chavan’s vocal is a cherry on its top.



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