Paan Singh Tomar- a worth watch

19 Nov

“Saab, hamen toh choutwa kaksha fail hai. Abhi hum toh kitab kum aadmi zyada pada hai.. (I have not even completed fourth standard Sir, I have read people more than books)” says Paan Singh to one of the senior Army official. The same words prove him wrong in many of his life circumstances throughout.

Paan Singh Tomar, a film directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia showcases the life of an athlete who had verve and who deserved a high place in the society, but was declined of it by negligence. Paan Singh, an innocent and enthusiastic young man who changes his victory path from military to sports just to suffice his passion for good food will not be aware of the gusto in him until his coach discovers it. If a wild beast in him was not invoked by negative elements of his surroundings, this genius of zany humor would have contributed as a retrospective to Indian sports.

But his sportsman spirit was ruined for no cause. The film shows how ignorance may light up a fire in a spotless identity. His words “Hum ko dhar naiy; Jaan dunga magar surrender nahi karunga” (I have no fear. I would rather perish than to surrender)” reflects his audacity towards the putrid system.

It is true that the anti- social elements are celebrated in the media. It is human tendency to gape at something negative, at something which creates discomfort to mankind. But at the same time, when someone wins a high honor by his own effort, the community is least bothered. Same thing happens in case of Paan Singh too. Once, frustrated, he points his name in media with dejection where he was made popular overnight as a dacoit.

The film is all set to exhibit Paan Singh. So the other characters appear to be namesake sometimes. Irrfan has ones again proved his stamina as an actor of international caliber. Mahi Gill deserves applause.

Spark Scenes

  • A police inspector throws away Paan Singh’s gold medal in anger. When Paan picks it from the floor, the faded medal reflects to demonstrate futility.
  • The last scene, when Paan Singh recalls his golden days, he recalls a lovely Japanese fan of his, calling him in her own accent. This holds the audience in grief.
  • Paan Singh asks his fellowman to switch off the radio, his eyes filled with distress.
  • Paan Singh visits his coach’s house to collect his photographs. But realizing the lacuna of times, he quits the pseudo attempt to recall his past self into which he would never return. He leaves the photograph in the album itself.

And many more.. A film worth a watch.




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